Adimix Butyrate 30% Coated

Animal NutritionLivestock Nutrition
Gut Health Support

Ingredients : n-Butyric acid Sodium salt 30%
The most effective reaction on intestine track of animals:
• Quickly recovering villi system of small intestine after weaning
• Balancing microflora in intestine system after any damnage caused to their intestine system with long treatment of antibiotics
• Increasing Bifido bacteria and Lactobacillus against E.Coli and Samonella, particularly in large intestine.
• Immunity enhancement to piglets after weaning
• Supporting sows during pregnancy to balance microflora against bad-natured bacteria causing diarrhea to ensure healthy piglets delivery, ensure high ratio of piglets delivery.
• Stimulating immunoglobulin and reducing pathogens in sow milk : improve sow milk quality
• Improve feed intake of sow
• Improving calcium absorption
• Can be combined with antibiotics in treatment to balance microflora.