Larviva Multigain

Aquaculture Nutrition
High quality hatcheries feed

Enrichment diet for rotifers and artemia
LARVIVA Multigain is a complete dry formulation specially designed to optimally enrich rotifers and
– Contains optimal content and ratio of Omega-3 and -6 fatty
– Boosted with high levels ò vitamins, key minerals, immunostimulants and phospholipids. Contains Bactocell.
Enrichment of rotifers and Artemia with optimal level of n-3 and n-6 HUFA, with high DHA ratio (22: 6 n-3) / EPA (20: 5 n-3), reaching vitamin C level higher than 1500 ppm
– Includes Bactocell®, a probiotic which has extensive documentation of improved survival and reduced occurrence of deformities in fish larvae.