Larviva Zoea

Aquaculture Nutrition
High quality hatcheries feed

Microencapsulated larval feed for early feeding and co-feeding
– Designed to cover the nutritional needs of shrimp larvae during the first feeding. They contain high levels of vitamins and have a balanced profile of amino acids, n-3 fatty acids, phospholipids and essential micronutrients, to ensure optimal development of the larvae
– Formula with more than 80% ingredients of marine origin, offers high attractability, palatability and nutritional value.
– Low temperature microencapsulation technology guarantees maximum retention of nutrients and high digestibility, preserving the nutritional integrity of the premium ingredients used and preventing deterioration of the quality of the culture water
– Improved larval growth and survival rates
– Improving water quality
– Reducing Vibrio level in the intestinal tract of shrimp
– Available in the appropriate size range (10 -70µm), has a complete nutritional profile, is of constant quality
– Permits a reduction in the use of live feed while still producing high quality larvae