Aquaculture Nutrition
High quality hatcheries feed

Extruded mini pellets for intensive hatchery and nursery systems
– Formulated to support the shrimp during its adaptation stage to the grow-out conditions
– Great importance has been given to palatability, which together with a high protein content, the inclusion of the unique probiotic and B-WYSE ™, allow higher growth and survival rates.
– These nutraceuticals, in combination with high levels of vitamins and minerals, guarantee a successful nursery phase and a smooth transfer to grow-out conditions
– The micro pellets are produced through a process of extrusion at low temperature to maintain the quality of the ingredients.
– The pellets sink slowly into the water column, which results in a better food availability for the postlarvae.
– Designed to mimic the nutritional profile of these organisms and ditrital particles in order to provide the postlarvae and juveniles with a complete nutrition.
– The feed slowly sinks in the water column. This results in a better availability to the postlarvae requiring specific and complete nutrition.
– Available in the appropriate size range, has the complete nutritional profile and is of constant quality always off-the-shelf available
– Improved growth performance and survival, with specifically a decreased level of Vibrio in the shrimp intestinal track as well as water quality