Animal Nutrition
Activated Lipids (instant energy)

LipoVital GL-90 is the monoglyceride of lauric acid with a guaranteed monoester content of over 90%. Being in powder form without a carrier, LipoVital GL-90 ensures the high concentration and efficacy of the lauric acid
Pure monoglycerides of lauric acid with diverse and powerful
inhibitory effects on gram(+) and gram(-) bacteria, independent of the pH value
– Broad spectrum of efficacy, strong inhibitor of gram-positive bacteria and effective against gram-negative bacteria.
– Effective irrespective of the pH-value
– Promotes and stabilizes the health of the gut, effective throughout gastrointestinal tract=> Better gut health
– Improved ADG, FCR, Survival Rate
– Replacement of Antibiotic Growth Promoters(AGP)