Larviva PL 200

Aquaculture Nutrition
High quality hatcheries feed

Extruded and granulated post larval shrimp feed
Nutritionally complete premium diets
– Formula with highly digestible raw materials of marine origin, with excellent attractability.
– Contains Bactocell® and B-WYSE ™, with immunostimulatory effect on the postlarvae and reduction in the presence of pathogenic bacteria.
– Designed to mimic the nutritional profile of these organisms and ditrital particles in order to provide the postlarvae with a complete nutrition so that gradually the postlavae can be weaned from artemia feeding.
– The gentle low temperature extrusion process produces stable slow sinking particles that ensure the nutritional value of the formula, as well as the activity of the nutraceuticals
– Appropriate size range, has the complete nutritional profile and is of constant quality Larviva PL 200 (150 – 250 μm), Larviva PL 300(250 – 375 μm), Larviva PL 400 (375 – 500 μm)
– The feed has a good buoyancy in the water column. This results
in a better availability to the postlarvae requiring specific and
complete nutrition.
– Have a positive effect on shrimp survival and growth performance.
– Decreased level of Vibrio in the shrimp intestinal track as well as water quality